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About Outreach

Outreach and Evangelism are the primary mission of the Church. Here at Heritage, we are passionate about reaching out to those who have never really heard the good news about Jesus and to those who have been separated from the church for one reason or another. ALPHA is one of the tools we use to engage with those who have questions about what it means to be a Christian and how to find faith in Jesus. In our outreach, we strive to demonstrate the love of God through activities such as leading a weekly discipleship program at the Central Coast Rescue Mission – and participating in community events like Serve Santa Maria.

We also try to follow the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to “Do the work of an evangelist,” by openly sharing what Jesus has done for us. He has taken our guilt upon Himself in order that we might be counted as righteous before God. He does this by means of His followers sharing their faith, so that others might take hold of that faith themselves and know the forgiveness of their sin as well.


H.Y.P.E.  (currently on summer hiatus)

Do you know of any Junior High or High School students who love having a great time with other teens? H.Y.P.E. (Heritage Youth Prayerfully Empowered) meets every Thursday night at 6:30 for fun, study, encouragement, and a chance to get to know other teens. Our youth leaders, Brian & Michelle, lead the students in fun and creative activities that build genuine friendships. They also lead them through a Bible study each week that is appropriate to the things they face every day at school. The fun, safe, encouraging atmosphere at H.Y.P.E. is just the thing that young people need in today’s atmosphere of uncertainty and constantly shifting boundaries and standards. When your teen comes to H.Y.P.E., they’ll meet a great group of young people that are led by people who really care about teens and will guide them into an adventure in faith.